Strategically Creative by Design

We started grinding our gears back in 1998 as two-bodied shop dedicated to our primary goal: to provide the better than expected customer service, strategic design and the innovative development our client's deserve. Over a short period of time, the online landscape gave way to extensive marketing opportunities for our clients. As our clients relied more heavily on us to build marketing programs and strategies, we flexed and expanded to meet those needs. Today we have grown our skillset to provide our clients with integrated services in several key areas.

Brand Strategy and Development

Who are you? What are you? Who do you serve? Your brand is the emotional connection you have with your audience. If someone were to describe their experience, thoughts or perception of your business, what do you want them say? If you haven%u2019t defined your brand yet, we can help you through this exercise and develop the supporting visuals that form part of your overall brand.

Creative Design

Understanding the relationship between design and business is essential to a successful outcome. Our designers totally get this. Strategic design is the difference between creating an appealing visual component and creating an appealing visual component that reflects your company%u2019s brand, identity and serves a function that supports your current goal. We do a lot more than just make a ton of stuff that looks great. Before we even start to sketch, we learn about your business, your brand, your goals and what you hope to achieve with any new effort. It shows in our work and our happy clients.

Website Creative, Development, Hosting

From discovery, to planning, to a top notch framework and CMS, we have got it all covered when it comes to designing and developing your responsive website. We pay particular attention to your goals, audience segments, user experience and of course transaction conversions with measurability. We have a team dedicated to providing your with a fast and secure platform and we back that up with a hosting platform that is PCI compliant by default. No kidding!

Social Strategies, List Growth and Promotions

Like, Love, Tag, Share or Follow it, we all admit that a social component is necessary for engaging our audience with our brand. But many businesses find themselves hung up on the following questions; how often should I post? What should I post? Who should manage the posts? What about images, video, offers? How do I grow our lists and what do all these analytics really mean? Great questions and we have the answers. There is no %u2018one size fits all%u2019 social solution. We find your audience, what they like to talk about, what they want to know, how to engage them and keep those conversation flowing. So unless the journalism student that lives down the street has a great grasp of your business%u2019 brand, audience, resources and goals, they probably aren%u2019t the best choice for managing your channels.


Bernie Muehr

Bernie Muehr

Creative Director/Founder
All elements of creative development and execution. Recipient of over 40 local and national ADDY awards.

Tonya Muehr

Tonya Muehr

Director of Everything Else /Founder
Director of interactive media strategic planning and development. Digital Services and Marketing - Interactive Development, Digital Marketing, Strategic Planning, User Behaviors, Analytics.


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