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An update to our Chrome extension, now with more nerdy stats

In The Lab | Dec 20, 2013

chrome-extension-updated-2We like making things easier here. Sometimes we make them so easy we occasionally fall asleep on the jo.....b. Sorry. Well we've done it again. With the help of our trusty Chrome extension and a click of a button we get all sorts of neat information about the page we're on. Titles, meta info, headings, links, images (better have an alt tag!), and now we'll get ranking info from several sources, performance metrics, as well as social penetration stats across the leading services. Wow! What's google's page rank of page X? Use the Chrome extension. How many Facebook shares has page X received? Use the Chrome extension. What's domain X's authority score? Use the Chrome extension. How much milk goes in a bowl of cereal? Use the Chro.., wait it doesn't know that - yet.

It's almost criminal how easy it is now to quickly generate comparison analysis between domains. Being able to see all of this data aggregated in one place is pretty amazing. Rather than having to go to each service independently multiple times for each domain or page, you can simply type the URL into your browser, click a button and it's all there ready for you to consume it. Some of these metrics aren't even easy to obtain, but being able to get a full breakdown of shares vs. likes vs. comments on Facebook is now, again, at the click of a button. The time it saves alone is huge, but by making it so simple to use and access you almost want to use it more. Do more analysis. At the end of the day it's our clients who benefit from all of this. We're able to serve them faster and with more detail then ever before.

Sometimes it's the small things that make the largest impact. We care about small things.

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