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Find Your Email Campaign Results in Google Analytics

You Should Know | May 7, 2014

We know you love your email data and you'll love it even more when it's conveniently snuggled next to all the other analytic data that you adore. If you are a subscriber to our email marketing platform, then you will want to take advantage of this feature; Connect Google Analytics to your account and track visitors to your website who arrived from your email links.

Here's how:

First, make sure you have a Google Analytics account.

  1. Create Your Mailing.
  2. On the "Review and Send" page, you'll see a field for Google Analytics, toward the bottom.
  3. Type the mailing name that you will want to see in Google Analytics. Typically, use the same name you just gave your mailing in the editor.
  4. After your mailing has sent, you can log into Google Analytics and find your data. It can be found in Traffic Sources>Campaings

That's it. Easy Peasy.

"But how do I see the link data," you ask? Well here's what happens to your links. When you add a Google Analytics mailing name to your email send, the system adds parameters to each of your mailing's links. For example:

  • utm_medium = "email"
  • utm_source = "newsletter'
  • utm_campaign = {the mailing name you entered}
  • utm_content = {the link names applied while creating the mailing; not present if you didn't fill in link names}

So if you're familiar with Google analtyics, you can dive into the link parameter data.

Please note: anytime a parameter is added to a link, the possibility of your link breaking arises. Please test all mailings and links with your test group before sending.

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