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When it was time to to upgrade the technology that ran the website, we saw a huge opportunity to not only give Bearing Works a fast, safe, secure and responsive website, but an ordering tool that would speed up productivity in ordering, quoting, invoicing and communications for the staff and the clients. Producing an immediate increase in site traffice and search rankings, we think this site lives up to the client's motto "Balls of Steel."

Bearing Works Website and Ordering Tool

Desktop Home Page desktop homepage

Mobile Home Page

Site launched 'all-device responsive' and is now easily navigable on mobile and tablet devices improving mobile search results as well. responsive mobile home page

Ordering System - Admin Dashboard

Our client can now easily get a snapshot of orders and sales without having to dig into their accounting system, making sure all systems are working like a well-oiled machine. (Of course this is sample data. We would never show real, confidential, private customer data!) ordering system admin dashboard

Ordering System - Part Number Builder

Customers can now easily build the required part number(s) based on their exact needs without having to scan a list of hundreds of parts hoping they found they correct one. ordering system part number builder

Ordering System - Add Part Number to Quote Request

Customers can easily add their part numbers to their quote request without having to write a single number down. add part number to quote

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Additional Features Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • Site Owner can add/modify/delete part numbers and parts details.
  • Site Owner and Customer receive status updates throughout the ordering, processing, payment and shipping phases.
  • Site Owner can review Customer profile, ordering, and status data.
  • Customers can request custom requests that are outside of the part number builder.
  • Cusotmers can view the status of their order at any time.
  • Site Owner can add additional fees, special pricing, shipping and tax modifications as necessary per order.
  • Site Owner can export reports of Customer and Order data.
  • Customer can download PDF copies of quotes, invoices and receipts.

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