Veterinary Neurology Center


Art Direction

When it comes to our pets, any medical issue is a serious issue. But we don't want to be reminded of the serious nature of their illness and treatment when seeking a professional who can help. We knew after meeting Dr. Hanson that building a brand which conveyed trust, caring and expertise while showcasing dogs and cats with happy, positive outcomes was the way to go. The result is a bright, fresh yet credible brand which carries through all of their collateral including business cards, referrent kit, brochures, trade magazine ad, website and appointment cards.

Business Cards

Veterinary Neurology Center Business Cards


Veterinary Neurology Center Brochure Covers

Veterinary Neurology Center Brochure Inside

Full Page Trade Magazine Ad

Veterinary Neurology Center Full Page Ad

Referent Kit

Veterinary Neurology Center Referent Kit

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